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Fire Chief Resigns After Department Funding is Cut

Updated: Thursday, December 5 2013, 11:07 PM EST
MONROE TOWNSHIIP, Ohio (Brad Underwood) -- A local fire chief is quitting over money; not his pay, but his department's budget.

He says the township's decisions are potentially dangerous.

The 2013 budget is roughly one million dollars.  About three fourths of that is used for salary and benefits.  So there really is not a lot left over, but every penny counts in Clermont County.

Two ambulances are out of service and need to be fixed, new gear is also needed but the fire chief says there is no money because the township reallocated 30,000 dollars to pay for another township employee who doesn't work for the fire department.

Most of the equipment used by the department is over 10 years old, some even older.  Newer, better and most importantly safer equipment is needed.

Chief Tom Marck says township trustees took 30,000 dollars out of his budget to pay for a township employee who has nothing to do with the fire department. 

Marck says that money could have been used for upgrades in gear and radios.

In protest, Chief Marck has resigned.

Not one of the three trustees agreed to an on camera interview in this matter.

Chief Marck says this is the third department within the township that money has been taken out of a budget to pay the salary of this employee. 

The employee is married to one of the three trustees. 

Chief Marck will remain in his position until December 20th.  Township Trustees will search for his replacement.

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Fire Chief Resigns After Department Funding is Cut

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