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Georgetown Police Chief Retires, New Chief Sworn In

Updated: Wednesday, November 27 2013, 09:51 PM EST
GEORGETOWN, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- There was a changing of the guard in a local community Wednesday morning, or more specifically a changing of the chief. 

Police Chief that is.

Chief Buddy Coburn steps down and new Georgetown Chief Rob Freeland takes over officially at midnight.  Local 12 News reporter Rich Jaffe shows us how the change is an unusual deal that benefits the entire village.

Wednesday morning Georgetown Police Chief Buddy Coburn took his rifle and vest out of the chief's SUV, and moved it into a civilian car.  Not too far off from the transition he's making with his life.

Coburn came on part time in December of 1999, went full time with the department in January 2003 and became chief the following month.

For 12 years before that he was the chief investigator for the Sheriff's department.

Leaving office he says he'll miss helping people and, "I'm really gonna miss the officers.  I'm gonna miss having someone listen to me when I tell them something, because at home that doesn't happen."

When Coburn came on the department there was one computer, and 3 police cars.  Now each desk and every car has a computer as well as video camera, there's also license plate reader.

But the outgoing chief says the bigger, more troubling change is the people they deal with, "The newer group of criminals we're dealing with they have less respect for anything, less and less remorse, more of a feeling of entitlement and I believe that's 90 percent due to the drug abuse and drug use we're seeing.  It's just getting awful."

Chief Rob Freeland was officially sworn in Wednesday morning with Coburn cheerfully standing by, everyone happy with the situation.  Georgetown, like many other communities, is in a bit of a bind financially so Buddy Coburns retiring actually became a benefit for this entire community.

Georgetown mayor Dale Cahall says, "We were at the point where we probably would have had to lay off two police officers.  A definite win for us... a win for the chief he was able to retire just a few years earlier than anticipated and so it was actually a win win for us." 

And especially for a jolly old, ex-chief who can look forward to real holidays.

Chief Coburn will still pitch in part time at the department.  His replacement, Rob Freeland, is no newcomer to Georgetown.  He started on the department part time in 1996.

Video HEREGeorgetown Police Chief Retires, New Chief Sworn In

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