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Health Alert: Seafood May Help Joint Pain

Updated: Wednesday, November 20 2013, 12:39 AM EST
NORWOOD, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- A new report says fish might fix a painful problem for women.

Medical reporter Liz Bonis explains why it's a great catch in Tuesday's Health Alert.

You probably know that it is good for brain power, good for your skin, maybe good for your heart.  But now a new report says fish may be good for fighting rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.

A lot of people say that this flairs up some as it gets colder, so Local 12 stopped out in Norwood Tuesday to tell you more about this research.

Liz Bonis is at the advanced cosmetic surgery and laser center.  It is published in the archives of rheumatic diseases, researchers found those who ate more fish could cut arthritis risk in half.

Those who got fatty fish at least once a week such as salmon, or other types of fish up to up to four types a week, had a 52 percent lower risk of arthritis compared to those who did not eat fish.

Researchers studied 32,000 women to find this out; they say they don't know why this is true, but the fish oils may work as sort of a lubricant for joints.

They don't know if the same is true for supplements, so you may do better to head out and enjoy the food itself.

Watch video HEREHealth Alert: Seafood May Help Joint Pain

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