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Mason Council Members Sworn In

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 10:41 AM EST
MASON, Ohio (WKRC) -- At the December 1 organizational meeting of Mason City Council, four returning City Council members were sworn in to serve another 4-year term. Members Rich Cox, David F. Nichols, Char Pelfrey, and Don Prince will serve through November 30, 2017.

Three or four Council members are elected at-large in odd-numbered years. The city’s charter calls for an organizational meeting on the first day of December in odd-numbered years. At that meeting, a mayor and vice mayor are selected by the Council members from among their members. In addition to his duties as a Council member, the mayor presides over Council meetings, acts as the ceremonial head of the city, and administers oaths. The vice mayor assumes these duties in the absence of the mayor.

David F. Nichols was selected as Mayor on December 1 and Victor Kidd was named Vice Mayor. Both Mayor Nichols and Vice Mayor Kidd held the same positions for the past two years.

Information and photo courtesy City of Mason

Council Members Tom Grossmann, Don Prince, and Char Pelfrey, Mayor David F. Nichols, Vice Mayor Victor Kidd, and Council Members Barbara Berry-Spaeth and Rich Cox.Mason Council Members Sworn In

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