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Mom: Band Director's Text Messages Not Taken Out of Context

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 12:30 PM EST
COVINGTON, Ky. (Joe Webb) -- The mother of a 15-year-old Holmes High School student says the text messages sent her daughter by former band director Jared Murray were troubling and he deserved to lose his job. 

Shana Donskey says Murray's claims they were taken out of context are ridiculous.

"I think if anyone looked at the texts that's pretty clear.  There's nothing to read into it.  Its just right there."

Donskey and her attorney, Brandon Voelker, shared 3 days worth of texts with Local 12. 

Its a lot of text.

"I think at one point there is 104 in one day," said Voelker. "The truth needs to come out that these were inappropriate text messages and this little girl did nothing wrong."

Murray was suspended in early September when the text messages first surfaced.  He resigned under the threat of firing two weeks ago.

In the texts shown to Local 12, Murray repeatedly tells the girl he loves her and would like to adopt her.  Despite his claims that he was only trying to help a troubled teen, he texted the girl to warn her when her mother called to check on her grades. 

On August 30th he began the day with a text to the girl at 6:21 am saying, "Morning princess."

He ends the day at 10:42 pm with, "Think Im tapping out.  Goodnight, baby doll, love you."

In another exchange on August 31st, Murray appears concerned when the girl tells him her brothers have taken her phone.

"Uh, oh, they read anything."

The girl responds, "Yeah.  Mom knows were"

Murray responds, "Mom knows what?"

In another confusing exchange, Murray texts, "Hand smack to the ass [sic]," followed by, "Mmmmm yes."

"I personally feel they were inappropriate and they troubled me.  That's why I brought it forth to police to investigate it and to the school district as well," said Donskey. 

She says the Covington Independent Schools responded quickly and were thoughtful in their approach.  Murray has not been charged with any crime and isn't likely to face charges based on what investigators know.

Donskey said she came forward at this time to clear her daughters name.

"This has turned her life upside down.  She's no longer in school.  She has no friends.  Shes had lots of threats.  The people who loved her so much have went out of their way to make her look bad."

VIDEO hereMom: Band Director's Text Messages Not Taken Out of Context

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