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Mother Tries to Keep Daughter's Killer in Prison

Updated: Tuesday, December 10 2013, 01:31 PM EST
FAIRBORN, Ohio (Larry Davis) -- The family of a murder victim works to keep a man from walking free. Eugene Gall raped and killed Lisa Jansen in 1978. Gall's conviction in that case was later thrown out.  Jansen's mother spoke to the parole board today in an effort to keep Gall locked up. Local 12 news reporter Larry Davis spoke with Jansen about the process.

Thirty-five years after her daughter's murder, Tina Jansen spoke out against parole for Gall. 12-year-old Lisa Jansen was kidnapped,  raped and murdered as she walked to school in Madisonville in 1978. Her body was dumped in Kentucky.

Eugene Gall was convicted in the Commonwealth and later sentenced to die for the crime. However, the conviction was thrown out when a judge decided Gall wasn't competent to stand trial at the time.

Gall was sentenced to life in prison for killing another girl, Beth Ann Mote of Dayton. Gall is up for parole and the victims' families are fighting the possible release. Lisa Jansen's mother made her case. "I told them how I really felt about Eugene Gall and his possible release. It was very informal, they listened,they took notes. They actually listened and I think they were sincere  and they wanted me to be able to express my opinions."

Tina Jansen says she'll now have to wait until Eugene Gall has his  hearing before the Ohio Parole Board on December 2. She says it will be agonizing between now and then. Every time she hears the phone ring after that day, she'll wait to see if she gets the result she wants.

Mote's mother is expected to speak to the parole board members Wednesday afternoon.

Video HEREMother Tries to Keep Daughter's Killer in Prison

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