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Murder- Suicide Couple in Midst of Divorce

Updated: Thursday, November 7 2013, 09:10 AM EST
WEST CHESTER, Ohio (Larry Davis) -- A couple going through a divorce dies in an apparent murder-suicide in West Chester.

Officers found the husband dead in his car Wednesday morning about an hour after he shot his estranged wife. 

A number of people, believed to be family members, were in and out of the Dunn home Wednesday after the incident.  They had no comment to reporters.

The three Dunn children were seen leaving and then returning to their home which had earlier in the day been an active crime scene.

Police were called to the Dunn home just before 5a.m.   Once there they found 32-year-old Candie Dunn dead in the driveway.  Police say she had been shot several times. 

Bryan Dunn drove off, leaving the couples three children home with his mother.  Later Police found Dunn dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a driveway in Mason.

Dunns SUV was in Angel Helsingers driveway.  She told Local 12 News, I am definitely still shook up from it.  Its not something that you see every day.

Broken glass from the vehicle was still in her driveway.  Why Dunn drove to this neighborhood is still a mystery.

The Dunns were in the process of a divorce.  Bryan Dunn was granted a protection order against his wife.  Police had been called to the home several times for domestic trouble. 

Sue Kaur used to work with Candie Dunn.  She came to the Dunn home on Wednesday to give her condolences.

She said, I was shocked and I was crying, you know.  Because I knew them, they were a good couple, a young couple.  I dont know, they have three kids thats sad for the kids.

Thought were with the children who lost both of their parents in a matter of minutes. 

Local 12s Larry Davis spoke with Candie Dunns attorney Wednesday.  He said what happened came as a complete shock to him.  He confirmed there were domestic problems between the two but nothing of the magnitude that one would think leads to such a tragic incident. 

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