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Nationwide Goal for 2024 Moving toward No-Kill Animal Shelters

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 10:36 PM EST
MOUNT WASHINGTON, Ohio (Paula Toti) -- An organized movement is sweeping the nation when it comes to saving animals.

Its called, Getting to Zero Euthanasia.  The movement calls for all animal shelters to be no-kill by 2024.

SPCA Cincinnati is calling upon  a group from Florida called the "Target Zero Institute" to evaluate animal welfare in the tri-state.

Target Zero was formed a few years ago to help communities become "no kill".

On December 10th local animal organizations are meeting with Target Zero for a summit of sorts.

They look at the plus and minus and recommend how to reach the goal of placing 90 percent of all shelters, not just one in the community.

Target Zero will look to see if there are ways groups can work better. 

SPCA Cincinnati's Harold Dates says, "This organization is looking at making changes by possibly expanding and creating a dog and cat shelter at its farm in Miami Town.  Adoption rates have increased 110 percent since 2010 in part due to lower adoption fees."

The Target Zero institute says it's suggestions have already made an impact in 50 cities in five states.  Dates says with Target Zero's help  the tri-state may do much better than the group's goal of zero euthanasia by 2024. 

"If you look at it realistically and set up a good strategic plan, two to three years should be possible."

The holiday season is a big adoption season.  But remember if you want to give the gift of an animal to a child make sure the parents are OK with it.  And consider a gift certificate so a family can choose and bond with the animal to make the right choice.

The SPCA Cincinnati is on track this year to place a record 7,000 animals.

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Nationwide Goal for 2024 Moving toward No-Kill Animal Shelters

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