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New Details On Wilmington College Hazing Incident

Updated: Thursday, November 7 2013, 09:10 AM EST
WILMINGTON, Ohio (Paula Toti) -- Three pledges at a local college fraternity get battered and bruised and the details of exactly what happened are starting to surface.

Local 12 is learning more tonight about the alleged hazing incident at Wilmington College that left the men hurt and the fraternity on suspension.

Until now the injury to the 19-year-old sophomore wasn't disclosed and the student involved has defended the fraternity.  Local 12's Paula Toti is getting a look at the search warrant and affidavit with distrubing details.

The affidavit that led to the search warrant paints a picture of a fraternity pledging that was out of control.  It is involving three young men trying to be inducted into Gamma Phi Gamma, or what they call on campus, the Gobbler House.

The series of events led to a surgery to remove a testicle of one of the pledges.  In the late night of October 30th and early morning of the 31st the three pledges were taken the basement of the frat house blindfolded.  About three inches of water was on the floor and they were told to imitate swimming.  The young men were then told to stand up and remove all their clothes aside from the blindfold.

Then the affidavit says as one fraternity leader read from a script the frat members were told to carry out orders that included placing something like icy hot on the nipples, back, scrotum and buttocks of the pledges. 

Another activity included hitting the boys with towels that had knots of items tied to the ends to inflict pain. 

At that point one of the fraternity members hit one boy, Tyler Lawrence, in the testicles.  Lawrence fell to the ground in pain but later the ceremony continued. 

After the pledging was over police say Tyler was still complaining of pain and was taken to Clinton Memorial Hospital.

Local 12 met up with Lawrence a few nights ago and he told us he was released from the hospital the next day and feels the incident was an accident. 

The university, police and county prosecutor don't seem to feel the same way.

At this point charges haven't been filed but we can tell you the investigation is ongoing and as many as 20 students may have been watching or participating in the events. 

The college President told us if the students are convicted it could lead to suspension or expulsion from the college.

Watch video HERENew Details On Wilmington College Hazing Incident

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