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Police Arrest Suspects Wanted in Local Crime Spree

Updated: Friday, October 11 2013, 09:06 AM EDT

PIERCE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- Three teenagers are still behind bars after a bizarre crime spree that began late on the night of May 15th.

The break-ins, burglaries and arson started near their homes in Pierce Township and then quickly spread into other communities. Now the trio are probably headed to prison. Local 12 news reporter Rich Jaffe went to the neighborhood where both the victims and the criminals lived.

The three teenagers lived on one side of the road in Pierce Township in this low income housing complex. The victims, at least the ones in this community, live on very much the other side of the road.

At least two of the three teenagers, who have been a problem around here for years, are about to be sentenced as adults.

The construction crew is still doing repairs on this house after a work truck much like this one was set ablaze in the driveway the night of May 15th.

One of the contractors explained the $238,000 in damage done to the home by the fire. "The truck would have sat probably 4 or 5 feet off the house and because the cab was on fire the flames just went on up into the soffit and once they get up into those roofs, those roofs are so dry they burn like a matchstick."

Monday in court, 18-year-old Britton Armstrong pleaded guilty to that arson. He also pleaded guilty to three burglaries, an he's got company.

18-year-old Keith Fields has also plead guilty and 18-year-old Justin England's up for a plea or trial setting on Friday. The police chief explains the crime spree. "That night, yeah we had calls for a car on fire, then a few houses down we had a call for a car being stolen at Castle Bay. Then it went over into the county. They had a house broken into, a car stolen. We had an initial car stolen."

In 2011, Rich did a story on a similar rash of burglaries and break-ins in the same neighborhood. Britton Armstrong and Keith Fields were picked up for those too.

The morning after the May crime spree, witnesses say a car with five suspicious people came back to the arson scene and took off with the police chief on their tail.

Three or four people bailed out of the car. The driver took off and crashed it half a mile down the road, ran a few stop signs and ran into a tree. He was apprehended after a little short foot chase. That driver was Keith Fields. "They all were the age of 18, which is huge for us. They're going to be facing adult time".

One of the things that had investigators so concerned about these guys, is the fact that they occasionally would break into homes, knowing the home owners were in there asleep. They also frequently stole guns, some of which they buried around their apartment complex.

Britton Armstrong is looking at as much as 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to three burglaries and the aggravated arson.

Keith Fields is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday and Justin England is in court Friday. All three are going before the same judge. We'll let you know what happens.

Police Arrest Suspects Wanted in Local Crime Spree

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