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Serial Killer Joseph Paul Franklin Executed

Updated: Wednesday, November 20 2013, 10:42 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Tiffany Wilson) -- The serial killer who claimed responsibility for slaughtering 20 people in an attempt to start a race war, is dead.

Joseph Paul Franklin was supposed to be executed just after midnight Wednesday in Missouri. It was briefly delayed after Franklin challenged Missouri's method of execution.

The Supreme Court upheld a federal appeals court decision overturning stays granted on Tuesday. Franklin  was pronounced dead just after six a.m.

Local 12's Tiffany Wilson tells us how family members of two local victims are reacting to Franklin's execution.

The devil has gone home. That's how Lavon Evans describes the execution of his brother and cousin's killer. In 1980, 14-year-old Darrell Lane and 13-year-old Donte Evans Brown set off for the store. Franklin was in the middle of a cross-country killing spree. That summer night, he lay waiting on a train trestle. Later, Franklin admitted that he became enraged after seeing an interracial couple enter a motel. When they didn't come out, Franklin set his sniper scope on the teenage cousins and fired.

At the time, Lavon was only seven years old. He felt his big brother, his best friend, was taken away by the boogeyman.  It's been 33 years, but every time Lavon comes down this stretch of Reading Road he gets quiet.

He feels Franklin should have died years ago  and he's glad the boogeyman is finally gone. "It's finally over with, I done waited 33 years, something like that for this to happen, it's over with, my momma can, you know the cloud, it's over with, they can rest in peace now."

Franklin was Missouri's first execution in nearly three years. He was sentenced to death for killing a man outside a Saint Louis Synagogue in 1977. He also shot and paralyzed magazine publisher Larry Flynt.   

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