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Special Cincinnati Robbery Task Force Nabs Suspects

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 09:56 PM EST
PRICE HILL, Ohio (Deb Dixon) -- 59 robberies in 29 days is a statistic Cincinnati Police want to fight before holiday shopping ramps up.

A special unit at work for just a week may have already made a big dent. Deborah Dixon has a story you'll only see on Local 12 News.

Some of robberies over that 29 day period seemed to target certain groups of people; several Hispanics reported being robbed.  Some of the robberies were just crimes of opportunity but seven days ago a robbery task force started running undercover cops that do nothing but track robberies.

What a difference a week can make.

A security video outside a coffee shop on Glenway Avenue shows a trio of young people all 14 to 17 years old.  One jumps a victim, one is a look out, and the third young man kicks the victim while he is down just for good measure.

All three were arrested all charged.

Then two men, Jeremiah Grissom and Chaz Jarrels, were arrested two days ago for robbing a man as he walked into his apartment.  They are suspected in more incidents. 

The victim gave a description of two men in a PT Cruiser.  The robbery task force went old-school driving around to look for the suspected vehicle.

"We drove up and down Queen City, it only took us a couple of trips before a PT Cruiser passed us up matching the description.  We saw it, followed it, and it pulled directly into a parking space where first robbery occurred."

The PT Cruiser took off, the passenger bailed out and ran before canine tracked him and the gun he allegedly dropped.

Inside the car were cellphones and credit cards from robbery victims including one in Mount Adams.

Police tell Local 12 some of the people arrested might be part of a larger robbery group which the task force will target next.

Video HERESpecial Cincinnati Robbery Task Force Nabs Suspects

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