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Students Call for More Diversity at UC

Updated: Saturday, November 16 2013, 03:27 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- Sign-carrying demonstrators Friday called for more diversity and improved race relations at the University of Cincinnati.  

About two dozen protesters stood in front of Tangeman University Center, with signs complaining about UCs percentage of African-American students (less than 9%) and faculty (less than 5% full-time).
The demonstration was prompted by the recent resignation of Ron Jackson, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, who is African-American. 

Two other high-level African-American administrators, former President Gregory Williams, and Police Chief Mike Cureton, have also left within the past year.
Besides calling for more aggressive recruitment of African-American students and teachers, the protesters also want a more inclusive and understanding University environment.  

All I have to do is point at Marge Schott {baseball} Stadium, said graduate student Samuel Burbank.  We know how she felt about black people.  And the university dedicated a stadium to her?  So what does that say to black students at the University?
Another recent source of frustration is a racist cartoon about Dean Jackson which was circulated through campus. 

That cartoon was pretty hurtful, said senior Amara Agomuo.  Theyre writing about a dean with a phD., then what do they think about black students on campus?
Agomuo is the spokesperson for a group called the UC Coalition. That group met earlier today with some top University administrators, and will do so again next week to work on diversity issues. 

We stand with UC, Agomuo said. This is not an attack on {University President Santa} Ono. This is not an attack on anybody.
UC President Ono issued a statement via Facebook, saying as the first Asian-American university president in Ohio, diversity is very important to him. 

I acknowledge that we can do better and promise to do all that I can to continue to move us forward, Ono said.

While pointing out progress in recent years, Ono said UC will do more in cultivating a more welcoming and inclusive environment, and recruiting and retaining more under-represented minorities.

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Students Call for More Diversity at UC

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