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The Lord's Gym Lends Helping Hands

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 05:05 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Deb Dixon) -- Whats going on inside one Vine Street building is changing a neighborhood one person at a time.

long ago, 1818 Vine Street was not a good place to be.  A barber shop
nearby was raided this summer for guns and drugs.  Crime spiked all
around the area and at one point, the door to the building was

But things are different now.

It's more than
music and food that draws a crowd twice a day to the new Lord's Gym on
Vine.  Moving in after a drug house was forced out.

business help the Lord's Gym feed the body and the spirit.  Some who
come here are addicts.  Most are homeless, hopeless and hungry.

let them know hope is available, to get up and live again.  Go do what
you need to do; go put in resumes, knock on doors, do whatever it takes
to transition back to life again."

One man named Michael stopped doing drugs when he started volunteering at Lords Gym.  There are 20 volunteers.

"It makes me feel like I have a purpose in life.  Haven't had purpose since I was a little."

Callon is a former homeless crack addict, "I got a purpose now, in six
months Ill be fifty years old.  Now I know I'm going to make it to

For some reason while inside the Lord's Gym everyone feels like singing with volunteer Shontel.  

one person changes a whole family can change. And when a family changes
then a street changes, then a whole community can change.  Its about
change right here in Over-the-Rhine, right here in this community."
Here in this neighborhood part of the change is a new sense of community.

businesses that support the Lord's Gym are Chipoltle, Little Caesar's
Pizza, Masterprovi sions, and a ministry in Florence Kentucky. The
Phoenix Restaurant also drops off food.

Another Lord's Gym is now open in Covington.

VIDEO hereThe Lord's Gym Lends Helping Hands

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