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Toddler Steals Attention at Mass Adoption Ceremony

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 10:22 AM EST
CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) - Two of the most beautiful words in any language are mom and dad. Friday, a dozen children got the legal right to use that term with some adults who love them dearly. Hamilton County had its annual mass adoption ceremony where parents sign on to legally make kids  part of their family. Local 12 news reporter Jeff Hirsh was there for the joyous event.

Two-year-old Braylon was the center of attention at Friday's adoption ceremony.  Normally adoptions are done privately, but once a year, the county opens it up for families who are willing to go public, in Judge James Cissell's courtroom. Six families adopted a total of 12 children.

Evette Banks adopted Braylon. "From the first day he came into my home he was mine."

Braylon is the biological son of one of Evette's relatives. Jeff asked her, what prompted her to take on another adventure after parenting and grandparenting. She replied, "well, I've had him since he was five days old. When I got him I thought it would be temporary, but when I found out she wouldn't get him back and they would have to do something I said he's with me, I'll adopt him."

Normally, courtrooms are serious places, but Braylon was a standup comic sitting down. The judge asked him "when are you going on the Tonight Show?"

Braylon, now officially Braylon Banks, may not remember today.  But his now official mom says, "oh I will, I definitely will."

Watch Video HereToddler Steals Attention at Mass Adoption Ceremony

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