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Tornadoes and Storms Kill Six in Midwest

Updated: Tuesday, November 19 2013, 12:23 AM EST
WASHINGTON, Ill. (CBS) -- While we were spared really serious problems from the storm, others across the midwest were not so lucky. At least six people are dead after these late-season storms spawned dozens of tornadoes. Bigad Shaban is in Washington, Illinois where a twister wiped out entire neighborhoods.

Firefighters searched through rubble looking for survivors of a massive tornado that leveled the town. Spray-painted Xs signify a car or home has been searched and is clear.
This was just one of an estimated 80 twisters reported in the midwest Sunday, most of them were in Illinois.  Michael Perdun saw a twister headed for his home. "I grabbed my daughter and ran."
Hundreds of homes here in Washington were destroyed and officials instituted a dusk-to-dawn curfew because of gas leaks and downed power lines.
The same tornado that hit Washington also hit the town of Pekin, 18 miles away.  Jeff Leeman says he barely escaped. "My son said 'there it is!'  in a matter of seconds we turned around and it was right on top of us.  We hustled into the house and before we knew it, it was gone.  It was that fast."
The National Weather Service estimates a tornado with winds of 166 miles-per-hour hit the town of New Minden, Illinois.  An elderly man and his sister died when the twister hit their farmhouse
Heavy rain, hail and high winds contributed to damage in at least seven states.

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Tornadoes and Storms Kill Six in Midwest

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