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Trooper Shot By Killer Up For Parole Speaks Out

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 04:56 PM EST
GRANT COUNTY, Ky. (Rich Jaffe) -- On December second, Eugene Gall is up for parole.

He is currently serving 20 years to life in an Ohio prison for the 1977 rape, kidnapping and murder of 14 year old Beth Ann Mote.  But his violent trail of terror twisted and turned it's way across two different states until he was finally caught following a shoot out with Kentucky state police in 1978.  Local 12's Rich Jaffe is the only reporter talking with a trooper who knows the killer all too well.

After Kentucky reinstated the death penalty in 1976, Eugene Gall became the first person sent to death row in the state.

He was sent there for the rape and murder of 12 year old Lisa Jansen.

But in 2001 a federal appeals court over turned that conviction saying Gall was insane and his murderous record in the state was expunged with Gall being sent to Ohio on earlier charges.

Some retired Kentucky state troopers say it's not Gall's record that should have been erased, it's him.

With a slight shake in his hands, retired Kentucky state trooper Gary Carey examines the 357-magnum Eugene Gall used when he put two hollow point rounds through Carey's chest.

Carey told Local 12, "It's not a very pleasant feeling and I very seldom ever take it out of my gun safe."

April 5th 1978, Eugene Gall robbed Bowen's Grocery in Gardnersville, Kentucky.  Trooper Gary S. Carey took up a position on State Route 491 to possibly intercept the robbers car.

Carey was talking to a local farmer when a vehicle pulled up.

He says, "Eugene Gall pulled up before he had is car in park he had his arm out the window, fired one round hit me in the chest stepped out fired the second round that hit me in the chest, which picked me up put me in a ditch."

As Gall walked up to the critically injured trooper firing two more shots which missed, another trooper Joe Whelen pulled up and opened fire.

Gall took off to be captured a short time later.

Whelan rushed his injured friend to the hospital in the back of his cruiser.

A few hours later, 12 year old Lisa Jansen's body was discovered.  Raped and executed by Gall he dumped her body along a rural Boone County road.

Gall used the same 357 to kill Jansen that he used a short time later to shoot Carey.

When a federal court over turned Gall's conviction and expunged his charges ruling him insane, Gall began serving 20 to life for another rape and murder case in Ohio.

Now he's up for parole.

Carey says, "And if they give him parole there will be other young ladies, little girls that are abused, kidnapped by him because he is a sadistic evil man....who in my opinion doesn't have any mental problems he's just an evil sob."

Gall's bullets shattered two pens in Carey's pocket.  He still has metal fragments from the bullets and the pens in his chest.

"I feel connection to Gall every day when I get up and have pain in my chest, arthritis in my chest...not many days go by I don't have some pain but I don't feel.  Only thing I feel for Gall is hate and disgust."

Trooper Carey says the best Christmas present he could ever get would be for the Ohio parole board to say that Eugene Gall will never walk out of prison.

During his Kentucky trial, which was thrown out, Gall plead guilty for shooting trooper Carey and also for shooting another woman during the pursuit.  He got a total of 15 years in prison for both of those.

Eugene Gall's parole hearing is scheduled for December 2nd in Columbus.

Two websites have on line petitions to protest.  Click HERE for more information.

VIDEO hereTrooper Shot By Killer Up For Parole Speaks Out

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