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Utility Worker Recognized for Saving Elderly Woman's Life

Updated: Friday, November 29 2013, 09:05 PM EST
VEVAY, Ind. (Angela Ingram) -- Firefighters are recognizing a utility worker for helping an elderly woman from a burning home before fire crews arrived. 

Robert Hensley knew an older woman lived in the house and when he didnt see her outside, he ran in looking for her.  He went into the burning house three times, helping the woman to safety and also bringing out her dog before firefighters arrived.

"I went in and I couldn't see nothing and I ran back."
Robert Hensley was acting on instinct when he ran into this Vevay home.
On November 12th the utility worker and his co-worker saw smoke coming from the house on Greeley Avenue.

"I went in the first time and I couldn't hear nothing so I had to come back out because I couldn't breathe.  When I came back out I yelled for her, then I heard her in this side of the house here."
Firefighters say the flames started in the kitchen, the heat and smoke damaging much of the home.  When Hensley heard the 91-year-old woman who lives there respond to his calls he went back into the burning house and helped her out to safety.

"I did think that it could've been my mother in there and that's why I went.   That helps fuel everything you know when you think of your family."

Hensley ran back in yet a third time to rescue the woman's dog.

"I seen him in there and I couldn't.  I have dogs of my own and I couldn't leave him behind so I had to go back."
Volunteers with the Jeff-Craig Fire Department arrived soon afterwards.  They saved the home but they credit Hensley for helping save a life.

In just another minute or two she would've been possible carbon monoxide, cyanide poisoning, things of that nature.

"They were proud of me and everything, but I didn't do it for any recognition.  I just did it because I thought it was right."

Local 12 is told the woman who lives in the home has not fully recovered.  She is receiving inpatient care but the family is just grateful she survived the fire.

Video HEREUtility Worker Recognized for Saving Elderly Woman's Life

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