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What's Behind the Gunfire? Cincinnati Shootings Increase

Updated: Wednesday, December 4 2013, 10:26 AM EST
CINCINNATI (Deb Dixon) -- "Settling the score" too often that means getting revenge with a gun.

"Settling the score" is contributing to the high number of shootings in Cincinnati so far this year.  408 shootings to be exact.  That is 55 more than this time last year.

That includes the shooting of a young man Monday night in Mount Washington, who believed he was going to be murdered. Local 12's Deborah Dixon tells us that what's behind the shootings may surprise you.

Police say the motive behind many of the shootings has to do with perceived disrespect. Street credibility diminished by something such as losing a fight.

To get it back sometimes requires getting even.
Thats what happened Monday in Mount Washington.  21-year-old Karan Booker got in a physical fight with a young man earlier in the day and won.

The guy who lost the fight came back to the neighborhood Monday night with a gunman and confronted Booker when he returned from a job interview.  The gunman took out a firearm and shot the boy in the hip.

After the gunman shot Booker in the hip, he raised the gun and tried to fire again, it jammed.

Pastor Peterson Mingo, who has known the victim since he was a boy, said, He thought he was going to kill him, and when the guy fired again the gun jammed, he tried to fire again the gun jammed again.

Pastor Mingo spoke with Booker in the hospital Monday night and agrees shootings in Cincinnati are more about saving face than about drugs money or gangs.

He continues, It's sad when some people get to the point that they don't care about what comes next, that what counts is showing themselves to have credibility, to show somebody theyre someone you don't mess with.

The same need for street cred contributes to Cincinnatis homicide rate.  70 so far this year compared with 49 this same day last year.

Lieutenant Borger says Booker is cooperating with the investigation and there are leads to follow.

VIDEO hereWhat's Behind the Gunfire? Cincinnati Shootings Increase

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