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Author Writes Book On Pet Loss

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:42 PM EDT
If you've ever had a pet pass away, a woman from Mason wants you to know, you are not alone.

She has just released a new book childrens book on healing from pet grief.

It's a sad story, with a happy ending.

It's quite a page-turner, and as you listen to Janeen Coyle, of the radio show Chris and Janeen In the Morning, you can't help but feel sadness for Janeen, her son, and her husband Chris, at the loss of their pug Frank.

But that's not where the story ends in her new book, "A Pug With a Plan."

"When he passed away , ten days later we got a call from Harold Dates of the SPCA, you know we didn't want to get a dog so soon, because it's painful when you lose a dog."

Harold Dates of the SPCA, however, left a message saying he had found not just a dog for Janeen and her family, but another pug.

"So I called Harold back and I said what's his name, and he said Tank, and I knew that was a sign from puggy heaven, and I knew our Frank had found Tank."

Of course, once he became part of the family she had a whole new mission, and that was helping others deal with pet grief. She says it's something that we often don't talk about, but perhaps we should!

"We talk about it a little bit, like if someone at work loses a pet, you talk about it for a couple days. And then you are just supposed to get over it because it's only a dog."

Tank is proof, she says, that you can have puppy love and joy again

"What I like to tell children is that the spirit of their pet lives on forever, and they can do things to honor their pet, such as planting a garden for them, or putting pictures around the house."

And honoring a pet you lost may be a foundation for life lessons.

Harry Dates, "In turn it's gonna help them cope with other things in their life, whether they lose a baseball game or lose a loved one along the line."

Coyle is now donating proceeds from "A Pug With a Plan" back to the SPCA, sort of a thank you, to those who help us get through grief, and a reminder of why all dogs do go to heaven.

Janeen will be out signing "A Pug With a Plan" Saturday at 1 pm at Barnes and Noble on the streets of West Chester.

You also can get it locally at Joseph Beth and The Blue Manatee bookstores.

The book is about $8.
Author Writes Book On Pet Loss

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