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Avoiding Trips To Emergency Room

Updated: Friday, August 16 2013, 01:57 PM EDT
  If you have a new baby, you probably know there's a lot to learn, especially about safety.
Local 12's Liz Bonis "asks the experts" at TriHealth today about how to avoid the top troubles that lead to emergency room visits.
 Little baby Drew is now five months old. His parents, Megan and Dave Sleater, are part of our newsroom producing team.
 Outside of work at a t-v station, however, they say for the most part, life with Drew has been a walk in the park.  Recently, however, they've noticed...

Megan Burgasser Sleater:
"He's a little busy body, he seems kind of nosy, likes to know what's going on."

So, the natural dilemma each day is how to let him get into the swing of things, you might say, while keeping curious Drew away from danger.

"You want him to feel safe."

"It is important to note, however, that no pediatrician wants a parent to be paranoid, new or not, but there is a short list of things that every pediatrician or emergency room physician says they wish every new parent knew.

That short list begins on the playground.

"Being aware of others children, peoples pets, they all want to pet a dog and a dog may not want to be petted."

Next up, Doctor Kurt Schibler says...

Dr, Kurt Schibler, TriHeath:
"This time of year, it's not as much of a problem, but in the viral season, keeping babies away from large crowds, people who have colds or respiratory issues themselves."

Sick people can give your baby breathing problems.

Finally, as Drew's parents have done, you also want to keep away from things that can burn them and potential choking hazards.

"Because everything goes in their mouths, so small toys, small foods articles, peanuts, things like that."

So far, curious Drew has avoided the ER for any of these common health hazards, but Dave admits, right now they can keep him pretty close.

Dave Sleater, Father:
"It'll be a little bit more interesting once he can crawl and get away from us a little bit (laugh)"

We do have a link with more information for parents about how to avoid emergency room visits.

Avoiding Trips To Emergency Room

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