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Bikini-Friendly Gall Bladder Surgery

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:43 PM EDT

It used to leave a good sized scar on your stomach-but now
a common surgery is considered far more bikini friendly than ever before.

Local 12's Liz Bonis says TriHealth Surgical Institute patient Ashley
noticed a problem when it didn't seem to matter whether she ate her favorite
kind of pizza or fresh fruits and vegetables. "I had extreme nauseousness after
eating and I had a lot of mid upper abdominal pain that would last for hours at
a time."

Eventually Ashley, who asked us not to use her last name,
consulted Doctor Louis Thibodeaux to find out not only what was wrong, but what
to do about it. Doctor Thibodeaux specializes in gallbladder disease.

did take awhile she said, but once she got a proper diagnosis, she found out she
also had newer surgical options. One now she found out is considered bikini
friendly, which she chose to get, given that she has a lot of years to do
things, where you wouldn't want a scar. Turns out, Ashley did have gallbladder

So Doctor Thibideaux performed what's called a single site
divinci cholecysectomy. "That is a procedure where we make a single incision
right through the belly button and remove the gall bladder and we do that with
the assistance of a robot, which makes the surgery very precise and minimally
invasive," says Dr. Thibodeaux.

He showed us how he places the robotic
instruments and a tiny camera through this round rubber port, which fits in the
belly button. Then operating from a console, which magnifies what's under the
skin, the instruments become extensions of his hands. "Through that we can
operate in very tight spaces with very precise results," says Dr. Thibodeaux.

The gallbladder slips right out the belly button, leaving Ashley ready
for swimsuit season! She admits, "That was definitely appealing. No one wants to
have surgery done, but to have virtually no scars, that was really beneficial."

She also admits being able to enjoy many of the foods she loves to eat
again-that's really beneficial too.

Right now this single site surgery
is only approved for gallbladder removal. It's possible in the future other
procedures might also be performed this way. Bikini-Friendly Gall Bladder Surgery

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