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Cancer Survivor Shares Story of Inspiration

Updated: Wednesday, October 9 2013, 03:15 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- A local woman diagnosed with a rare breast cancer has quite a story of inspiration to share.

She credits a team from the UC Cancer Institute at the Barrett Center with helping her to change the world. Medical reporter Liz Bonis explains  in today's Medical Edge.

Nedra Groggins-Sage said for years she'd had her annual mammograms, "and one day there was mass under my arm, there probably was a mass, long before the one day."

Following further testing by her doctor, Nedra says "she said it's cancer, and my whole body just dropped, and she hugged me."

Along with that compassion came a referral to Dr. Jaime Lewis, a breast surgeon who told her "she had a papillary carcinoma, which is a little less common type of breast cancer."

Nedra had chemotherapy and surgery to remove both breasts and lymph nodes and what was unusual "we never could identify the primary, or the  original site within the breast tissue."

What makes her story so remarkable perhaps is that she was determined that in spite of a rare cancer and tough treatment, she was not going to let this beat her. She made the decision that she wanted to inspire others, and she's been able to do that worldwide.

Nedra launched a blog and recorded a song called “My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me”.

So has her world changed? She says, "yes, drastically, my world has changed drastically --in a good way."  She discovered, " there is something that i have been selected for -- in this world."

Through her blog and her music, "I just got a thank you card from a friend that said you don't know how much your attitude and your response to all this has changed a lot of people -- and that's where my world has changed."

To read Nedra's blog, click here.

Cancer Survivor Shares Story of Inspiration

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