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ChromaGen Vision Lenses

Updated: Friday, August 9 2013, 09:49 AM EDT
A third grader in Fort Mitchell is starting the school year this year, with a whole new reading ability.

His mom says it's all because he's now wearing new eye-glasses that help with reading problems, such as dyslexia.

Medical Reporter Liz Bonis shows us how they work in today's Medical Edge.

His name is Joshua and he's now eight years old. His mom, Michell Howell, who also happens to be an ophthalmologist, got worried after his teacher said he was having some trouble in school last year.

Dr. Michelle Howell, Thoma & Sutton Eye Care:
"When I found out all the hours he was having trouble with they were, of course, all of reading."

Independent testing showed Josh had dyslexia. So, Doctor Howell decided to see if these new ChromaGen lenses might help.

ChromaGen lenses are tinted lenses that actually assist the person in being able to focus on what the reading is, instead of just focusing on the words."

The lenses are fitted just like a prescription pair of eye-glasses would be, but reading is used to help determine the appropriate prescription.
Without the lenses, for Joshua and those with dyslexia, words often come together, or apart, or lines jump around.

"So, it's very difficult to get the meaning out of the book or a story or anything like that. So, this takes all of the movement out of it."

Eventually, Joshua ended up with these tinted glasses, which he wears almost all the time.

Play look see, as you can see and hear, it's certainly made quite a difference for him, but she is careful to point out, that this isn't the only therapy that might work, as with any learning difficulty or challenge, it's also recommended that you continue with other training.

"It's not something that gets them out of needing extra help, but it helps both dyslexia, learning disabilities, things like that, so that kids can focus, pay more attention to what they are reading."

At Thoma and Sutton Eye Care in Fort Mitchell, Liz Bonis, Local 12 News. 

The lenses cost about 800 dollars, and in most cases are not covered by medical insurance plans.

For more information or to be tested for them, you can call 859-331-0431 or visit
ChromaGen Vision Lenses

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