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Do I Have to Gain Waist Weight?

Updated: Monday, August 12 2013, 01:59 PM EDT
Do you have to gain weight, especially with age or during menopause?
That's the question Medical Reporter Liz Bonis "asks the experts" at TriHealth to answer in today's Medical Edge.

Dr. Vaishali Bhalani, TriHealth OB/GYN: "There is a known additive weight gain that can occur, and it's almost like a central weight gain as well, the ones that women don't necessarily want."

That central weight gain is often a common question for Doctor Vaishali Bhalani in this busy women's health office.
She often tells her patients, when hormones change during menopause...
"It is harder because your metabolism is decreased, so it is harder to fight off that weight."
But, she says, since so many people struggle with waist weight, new studies do show if that's where you tend to store your body fat, there are three things that can help you intervene.

You can't spot reduce, but aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up, also helps boost metabolism.  The national weight control registry shows keeping weight off requires 60 to 90 minutes most days of the week.

"I think the biggest goal in menopause is to maintain, and so that's harder to do, lose or maintain, because the metabolism is slowed down."

"In addition to that, however, you might want to swap a few foods in your diet, it appears that certain fats seem to work against waist weight."

Those fats are the kind found in olive oil, avocado's, and in nuts.  Those who ate this fat, instead of butter fat, have been shown to have less waist weight.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of massage.  Study in the Archives of Dermatology found it may reduce a stress hormone in the body called cortisol.
It, too, has been linked to waist weight, especially the type that seems to come on when you go through life changing events.

With experts at TriHealth's Premiere Obstetrics and Gynecology in Kenwood, Liz Bonis, Local 12 News.
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Do I Have to Gain Waist Weight?

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