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Explaining the condition that has affected singer Randy Travis

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:42 PM EDT

Medical experts today also being asked a lot of questions
about Randy Travis's condition and potentially what may have led to some of the

Local 12 Medical Reporter Liz Bonis got some answers to
these questions today from experts at the TriHealth Heart Institute.

has more in today's Medical Edge. Singer Randy Travis is just 54 years old and
was reportedly initially in the hospital being treated for what is called viral
cardiomyopathy. Doctor Gaurang Gandhi is a cardiologist who specializes in
treating heart conditions like this, which can lead to heart

"So, there are some kinds of viruses that when we get an upper
respiratory tract infection, that can hit our heart, too, because of the auto
immune phenomenon, and what it does is it weakens the whole heart muscle."

That muscle is influenced by many things. Travis is said to have a
family history of heart problems. There are also reports of struggles with heavy
drinking. So, we have definitely heard about a history of alcohol abuse, how
does that play a role in this?

"Alcohol is a big toxin for heart, if you
have a normal heart and you drink a lot of alcohol you can just have alcoholic
cardiomyopathy which is just because of alcohol. There is no other reason."

Travis is also reportedly recovering from surgery today, relieve
pressure on the brain after he suffered a stroke.

"Any situation which
can lead to stagnation of blood in the heart can lead to a stroke eventually."

"We are certainly hoping for his recovery, but this is also what's
commonly called a teachable moment."

So, what do you think it's important
we all know about this?"

"Number one, taking care of yourself, number
two, taking care of your environment. So, how do we do those things? If we
exercise regularly, eat the right foods, avoid toxins, such as alcohol use,
those things can prevent having an event." Explaining the condition that has affected singer Randy Travis

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