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Healing Touch Therapy

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:43 PM EDT

A woman from Anderson Township credits a complimentary
therapy with helping her to heal.

Local 12's Liz Bonis shares more of
her story on "Healing Touch" in today's Medical Edge.

When Karen Young
first decided to sign up for a session with Certified Healing Touch Therapist
Sally Gehlert.

Karen Young, Anderson: "Had an issue with an open wound
that had a lot of issues and wouldn't heal, called Sally up, she visited my
home, walked her to her car that evening."

Since then, Young says she's
had multiple follow up visits for Healing Touch. It is a therapy, Gehlert says,
designed to compliment traditional medicine.

"Healing Touch is actually
the way that we get back to a place of wholeness."

Here's how it works.
Young simply shares some of where she is hurting or in pain, and Gehlert holds
her hands slightly above the body where she says she channels "energy fields."

Sally Gehlert, Healing Touch Therapist: "So, what we do is we take an
energy field around the body, because everything is an energy field and we put
that back together so we get to a place of wholeness."

The wholeness
happens, she says, partly because it relaxes the body.

"When the body
relaxes itself ,and it connects this beautiful energy field together , then we
can get to a place of comfort, and when a body gets to a place of comfort then
it can start to heal itself. That doesn't mean there isn't a place for western
medicine, that doesn't mean any of those things, but what this does is this
facilitates that so we can get to this place quicker and easier."

really interesting thing about Sally's practice is that she doesn't just do this
with people, she does this with pets, so we asked her to demonstrate some on her
own dog Teddy, who is a blend of a poodle and a shitzu, to show us a little
about how that works. I think this dog has the relaxation thing down, another
reminder, that perhaps for pets, and for people, this touching experience shows
us healing happens in a lot of ways.

Healing Touch costs about 70
dollars a session. It is not covered by medical insurance plans. We have several
links to research and more information on the get it button.
Healing Touch Therapy

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