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Healthy Fall Foods

Updated: Saturday, September 14 2013, 10:52 AM EDT
The start of the Bengals season and the cooler temperatures this week may have you thinking of fall. That means, before you know it, the best fall foods will be at Findlay Market or wherever you shop.

Medical Reporter Liz Bonis has a list of some of the best to boost your health in today's Medical Edge.

Brian Madison, Madison's at Findlay Market:
"We're starting to see pumpkins arriving, indian corn will soon be arriving, and we are starting to see the fall crop of local apples."

It's out with the old and in with the new this time of year. Brian Madison says that means his faithful customers come in looking for their favorite fall foods.

Dave Alperin, Shopper:
"I'd say butternut squash is probably at the top of the list."

"I like green beans and corn."

No matter your favorite, it probably makes a new list of fall super foods from the daily green. It says the colors in these foods pack a powerful punch for hidden health benefits.

And while there really are no bad fall foods, these foods make this list because they have exceptional nutrition and they are just a little different than a few of the traditional fruits and vegetables you might eat the rest of the year.

For example, this is yellow watermelon,,tastes a little different they say than the pink kind.

Have to agree with this group here, it's delicious, although we disagree on whether traditional watermelon is pink or red.

"Pink watermelon as opposed to yellow...  "It's red"... I'm not doing it again.>

Either way , get your basket ready, the fall foods suggested not only include any color watermelon, but also corn, black beans, soy beans, such as edamame, and apples, which Ohio State researchers recently found will help you drop bad cholesterol.

"I am on a self-experiment to see what happens if I eat an apple a day."

Brussels sprouts, kale, beets, and fall tomatoes get good reviews, so does butternut squash, no matter how you serve it.

"I put cinnamon and brown sugar on it, and I put it in the oven."

And finally, where would we be without the fall food that makes the perfect pie...

"Pumpkin, I can eat the entire pie."

"Every now and again, if you really want to do the work, a home-made pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin, I got some of those growing in the yard right now, and it might be worth it."

Pumpkin pie, by the way, is considered by many to be the one of the healthiest desserts you can eat.

Healthy Fall Foods

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