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Hike for Hospice, Support for End of Life Care

Updated: Wednesday, October 2 2013, 11:51 PM EDT
CINCINNATI, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- You're invited to join nearly a thousand people expected to Hike for Hospice of Cincinnati this weekend.

The event allows you to walk in memory of a loved one.  One of those supporting this event has become an advocate for hospice; Medical reporter Liz Bonis shares his story in Medical Edge.

His name is Marvin Butts and Local 12 met up with him at his car detailing car business so he could tell us about his friend, Lovely.

Butts says, She's been gone 39 days now, gone but not forgotten.

Partly because she was a loyal friend and partly because of the team who cared for her before she died, a hospice team.

Janet Montgomery of Hospice of Cincinnati says, Our goal is really to uncover what that patient wants at the end of life, and make those wishes a reality.

They made quite a reality for Marvin's journey with Lovely and believe it or not, for three sisters he's also lost to cancer.

To see how they care for people they know they may not see the next day, it was just overwhelming and that's why I wanted to be an advocate for hospice, because if you don't know nobody that's been through hospice you are going to know somebody who is going to go to hospice.

What he says he learned though along this journey is a lesson for all of us to take in life and in work.  It is not really just about how you die, that is not the message of hospice, it is how you live before you die, and more importantly what you do for others along the way.

Marvin says his goal now in business and friendship is to continue to pay forward what hospice has shown him.

They don't just care for your loved ones, they care for you too.

And that care is yours to share.  He'll share his each day to honor Lovely.

The hike is this Saturday morning.  It kicks off at Hospice of Cincinnati in Blue Ash.  We have all the details on how you can participate in the Local 12 Get It button.Hike for Hospice, Support for End of Life Care

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