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Hospital Recognized For Patient Safety Effort

Updated: Thursday, August 15 2013, 03:23 PM EDT
 A team of nurses at the Mercy Health Family Birthing Center in Fairfield is getting some national recognition for, believe it or not, creating a crime scene.
 Medical Reporter Liz Bonis explains in today's Medical Edge.

"He's a big boy."

Baby Calvin isn't even 24 hours old, but already his parents, Sara and Johnathan Moore, say he's had some of the best hands on delivery care ever, thanks to a special team of perinatal nurses.

"They were fantastic. I could not ask for better staff. They have just been wonderful."

Part of the reason everything went as planned with baby Calvin could have to do with the scene of the crime you might say.

Marie Leist-Smith and several other team members here created this scene.  It is getting national attention as a role model for training under the title "it's a crime to risk patient safety."

Marie Leist-Smith, Perinatal Nurse:
"This allows us to work as a team together to identify and to have open communication with everybody."

The crime scene is set up with a number of patient health hazards.
Those hazards, or crimes you might say, can range from medication errors to a baby being placed on it's stomach, not it's back.  They are then quickly corrected.

In all, they've created at least 65 different scenarios, of things that could potentially put a patient at risk. The goal, of course, is to have none of these ever happen, but so far this hands -n training has made a significant difference.

Donna Green, Perinatal Nurse:
"It just helps to remind us, constantly, that we cannot ever let anything slip, and we need always to keep an eye on, and what we need to do to keep their care safe at all times."

Perhaps nobody is happier to hear that than those who benefit from the scene of the crime, those such as Calvin Robert Moore... nine pounds and six ounces of... "Everything I ever wanted."

The program was recognized for "innovation" and "influencing nursing practices" just a few weeks ago at a national nursing convention in Nashville.

Hospital Recognized For Patient Safety Effort

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