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Jewish Hospital Launches New Liver Care Center

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:43 PM EDT

A man from Fairfield credits a team at the Jewish Hospital
Mercy Health with saving his life. He got special care at a new liver center
there, which set him up for a successful transplant.

We share his story
of gratitude in today's Medical Edge.

"I'm the bionic man, the original
bionic man."

You'd never know it when you see and hear Neil Hume now,
but just about a year ago, he was so sick...

Neil Hume, Patient: "I
would just get real tired. I never hurt, you just get tired, and you just can't
do nothing."

Doctor Ravi Ravinuthala discovered that Hume was in major
liver failure.

Dr. Ravi Ravinuthala, Liver Specialist: "By liver failure
we mean the liver is not able to do it's functions anymore."

That meant
he had dangerous blood levels of compounds that caused everything from seizures
to confusion.

"I wouldn't remember what was going on, I'd lose my memory
and everything."

Doctor Ravi, as he's called, knew Hume needed a liver
and kidney transplant, but likely wasn't well enough to undergo a dual
transplant, so he signed him up to be one of his first patients in a coordinated
in hospital liver care center, a newer trend in healthcare... in hospitals...
that actually don't perform the transplants.

"This is like for inpatient
care for people with liver failure from cirrhosis."

Lucky for Neil Hume
and his family, it all came together. He got well enough, got the transplant,
and got his life back. He calls this whole experience his second birthday, a
feeling that you are reborn, you feel so much better than you did before, he has
a special thank you to the team that helped save his life, and wants all of us
to know that when you don't have your health, you simply don't have much. As for
those who cared for him...

"I called all my nurses around here my angels
of mercy."

And when I asked, bet you don't take much for granted with
your health right now?

"Yeah, no I don't, you know people win the
lottery and they get rich, well, I'm rich with life, now that's, that's better
than the lottery to me."

This new liver center at Jewish Hospital Mercy
Health was just launched a couple of month ago. Again, it is one of just a
handful in the country in hospitals, which don't provide transplant surgery.
Jewish Hospital Launches New Liver Care Center

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