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Mayfield Clinic Patient Gets First Implant

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:43 PM EDT
A woman from Cincinnati one of the first in the country to have doctors
at the Mayfield Clinic put in a breakthrough device to help beat back

Local 12's Liz Bonis shows us how it works in today's Medical Edge.

This tiny remote control is part of Carol Simpsons secret to beating back pain.

Carol Simpson, Back Pain Patient: "Everything else I tried failed, didn't work, I just couldn't live, I didn't have a life."

has one now, however, thanks to this new and improved spinal cord
stimulator system for chronic pain. It is called the Precision Spectra.
As this animation, courtesy of Boston Scientific shows, Doctor Tann
Nichols places a generator with a battery under the skin, near the base
of the spine. He showed us then how little wires or leads are connected
to a contact. It delivers small electrical pulses to interrupt pain
signals, which prevents them from reaching the brain.

"This is
the part that goes on to your spinal cord, and this is the connection
into the system itself." What makes this system unique, however, is
that a computer helps calculates precise dosing, which is delivered to
double the points of contact for greater pain relief, compared to any
device like it of it's kind.

Dr. Tann Nichols, Mayfield Spine
Surgeon: "With these increased points of contact it's easier to find the
sweet spots that you need."

Experts stress a couple of things
about this. First of all, they want this device to be used now, sooner,
rather than later, which means if you have been suffering from chronic
back pain for up to three months, and they cannot treat the source of
that pain, you may be a candidate for this procedure or device. The
other thing is that this may help you get back to regular activities
quickly, that can you help you build back muscles and strength, and that
too can help beat back pain. Carol Simpson is now back on her feet and
back to hobbies, such as painting she hasn't done in years. When I asked
what she's looking forward to most?

"I'm out of bed, and I am moving around, and I am enjoying life more, I am happy with that."

This system is charged from outside the body, so you don't have to replace batteries.
Mayfield Clinic Patient Gets First Implant

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