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Medical Edge Wrap Week of Sept. 9

Updated: Saturday, September 14 2013, 09:51 AM EDT

Cincinnati, OH (Liz Bonis)- Big cats, such as Cooper the therapy cat, are now part of the “Cancer Free Kids and Impact 100 Family Pet Center.”  

It's a common area in the courtyard at Children's Hospital which allows for pet therapy with your own pet.  

Kids such as Tommy, he has a neuromuscular disorder that impacts sight, say even if they can't see their own pets it’s good to feel them.  

In other health news: No matter your favorite, it probably makes a new list of fall superfoods from The Daily Green.  

It says the colors in these foods pack a powerful punch for hidden health benefits.  

And while there really are no bad fall foods, these foods make this list because they have exceptional nutrition. 

They are just a little different than a few of the traditional fruits and vegetables you might eat the rest of the year.   

For example a yellow watermelon tastes a little different than the pink kind.  

Get your basket ready, the fall foods suggested include: 

any color watermelon


black beans  

soy beans-such as edamame

apples-which ohio state researchers recently found will help you drop bad cholesterol

brussels sprouts



fall tomatoes

butternut squash  

Finally- come on out and join us for Saturday, September 14th's "Strollathon."  It is happening at sawyer point and benefits children who have Rett Syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum that impacts young girls.

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Medical Edge Wrap Week of Sept. 9

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