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New Treatment for Brain Aneurysms

Updated: Monday, July 29 2013, 09:23 PM EDT
A team of surgeons at the Mayfield Clinic at the University of Cincinnati is one of the first in the country to use a breakthrough device to treat brain aneurysms.

It recently made a big difference for a new mom from Maineville.

Lysa Knight is now the proud mother of four healthy children but recently while pregnant with Avery, who is now 7 months old, woke up with some unusual symptoms.

She started off with a headache and the next morning had double vision. She eventually got referred to a team of neurosurgeons.

Her headache was the main concern to Doctor Andrew Ringer who says a tip off that something was terribly wrong was how quickly her symptoms came on.

Imaging studies confirmed what he suspected, Lysa Knight was having complications from a brain aneurysm.

Rather than traditional treatment however to close it off or plug up the aneurysm, Ringer discovered Lysa was a good candidate for a breakthrough treatment using a device called a flow diversion.

Doctors can actually treat the artery that has the aneurysm and redirect the blood flow away from the aneurysm so it doesn't have a chance to bleed.

Without blood flow the aneurysm will then wither and die off.

Which for Lisa Knight means the headaches and vision problems are gone too.

New Treatment for Brain Aneurysms

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