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Porsche Hosts Fundraiser For Disabilities

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:42 PM EDT

You're invited to come out and check out two great organizations this weekend helping people with disabilities.

Local 12's Liz Bonis shares the story of how they are teaming up to promote a "great ride" in today's Medical Edge.

to imagine that what's sitting inside this Porsche of the village
showroom would have anything to do with what's happening outside for
Jill Franke and her son, Eli. But you see, Eli was born with
arthrogriposis, a condition which locks his hip and knee joints so he
can't ride a bike. In spite of that, however...

"He's always wanted some form of wheels."

Jill presented that dream to an organization that has a dream team of
engineers. That organization is called "May We Help." They are a group
of volunteers that nationwide help put together projects like this. And
this is Eli's new bike ... no pedal pushing required.

Klein, Volunteer Builder: "It's a drive train from a scooter, and a
frame from a petal car, and we custom designed the steering and the
throttle and everything to make it run."

Charlie Klein and Devin
Sillies were the brains behind this brilliant bike alternative. Eli now
is no longer the little boy standing on the sidelines.

Devin Sillies, Volunteer Builder: "This gets him out there and now he's the most popular kid in the neighborhood."

bike is such a fine ride it got the attention of engineers who make
other kinds of fine rides here at the Porshe dealership. They've now
offered up their showroom for future fundraisers for May We Help free of
charge. The whole partnership has made this team of guys who say they
just like to build stuff feel pretty special.

Terry Mcmanus, May We Help:
with this project with Eli. He was so happy that he could come out
here today and show off the amazing things that our volunteers do."

Jill Franke Mother: "What this says to him, is there's a way to do everything, you can't say no, there's a way to get it done."

lesson perhaps for all of us when we dream about a great ride. This
bike was free to Eli's family thanks to fundraisers for "May We Help."

invited to the first at Porsche dealership. It is this Saturday night
July 13th from 6:30 to 9:30. You can get tickets for 40 dollars at the

Porsche Hosts Fundraiser For Disabilities

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