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Summer Skin Protection

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:43 PM EDT

A few foods might make a difference if you are trying to
shape up your skin for summer, according to a report from the Cleveland

I stopped out earlier today to find out more from TriHealth skin
specialist for our Health Alert.

It is that time of year where we are
all trying to take better care of our skin. You can do that by applying moisture
to our skin, as they are doing here at the TriHealth Fitness and Health
Pavilion, but some of this also comes from the inside out, according to this new
report. If you are looking to add moisture to your skin, you may want to add a
few foods to your diet.

The latest research shows those foods with
omega's may help your body and your skin from the inside out. Those are found in
fish... fatty fish top the list, that's salmon, mackerel, tuna.

It also
may be be helpful to add soy to your diet. It can have omega's and plant
estrogens, which may add to the skin's moisture.

Finally, don't forget
nuts, especially tree nuts, such as walnuts. These too have omegas.

are learning more about these fats, you've heard of omega three's, but now we
are learning about omega 6, 7's and even nines when it comes to benefiting the
body...both inside and out. You may need a blend of all of these to help your
skin with fine lines wrinkles, and the best protection and moisturizing.
Summer Skin Protection

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