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Teen Recovers From Brain Injury

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 12:42 PM EDT
The recovery of a high school student from Ross is nothing short of a "miracle", according to a team at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
 Medical Reporter Liz Bonis tells us how this "comeback kid" got back on his feet in today's Medical Edge.
  It was the thing Trey Schwab enjoyed more than anything else... riding and roping.
 One spring day...
Linda Schwab, Mother:
"We were actually going to a horse show and we had both of his horses within the trailer, front tire blew out."
 That blowout led to a serious accident.
Head and neck scans showed, especially, Trey had multiple inuries

"We were told he would never walk or talk and he didn't for a long time."

 But this is Trey Schwab now ... not just walking, but talking, too.

"I am doing pretty good."

 Pretty good and pretty impressive to the team that helped him get here.

"He's made it with flying colors."

As you might imagine, he's had quite a journey to recovery, after multiple physical injuries, perhaps, where has come the furthest is after a traumatic brain injury.  He is once again back to doing what he loves.
Trey Schwab, Patient:
"I can ride horses again. I can rope again."

 Trey is not only back up on a horse... recent imaging of one of his worst injuries shows...
Wendy Chouteau, Children's Hospital:
"It's totally healed. They can't even tell it was ever there."

In spite of... still need some plastic surgery.

"All in all, I'm pleased, from where we started, really good."

  Trey recently graduated on time with his senior class.

"The house came down when they called his name."
We're told the audience gave him a standing ovation when he crossed that stage.

"Lots of prayers and support got him here, and he's a miracle."

 When you see him now, you just kind of know why.

 Trey is getting ready to compete with horses again soon and says we can attend some of his training just as soon as he is "camera ready."
Teen Recovers From Brain Injury

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