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UC Medical Center Team Helps Burn Victim

Updated: Thursday, September 5 2013, 11:10 AM EDT
A local woman who was badly burned in a chemical explosion got a great gift this past week.

 A team at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center implanted a hearing device.

 Local 12's Liz Bonis tells us all about it in today's Medical Edge.

"I had purchased pool chemicals at the grocery store, and they evidently combined and exploded in the backseat of my car."

When Sharon Everett speaks, people listen, especially about her life-changing accident 13 years ago. Now, however, what she wants most is to be able to better listen to others.

"When you can't hear, you are isolated from people, and there's a conversation going on and you are not part of it and you feel isolated. I just want to feel that closeness that you get talking to people and understanding what they are saying to you."

So, this past week, Doctor Ravi Samy and a team of hearing specialists took the first step toward helping Sharon's wish to hear better come true.

His team put in a cochlear implant.  As this animation, courtesy of People Productions shows, an outside remote controls volume to an internal
device.  An electrode is placed by the ear. It bypasses the normal hearing mechanism.

"And, basically, goes into the inner ear and stimulates cochlear nerve, the hearing nerve that goes to the brain."

It will be a few weeks before it can be turned on.

And she will know then the extent of how well then she can hear, but in the meantime she is the first to tell you that she is already blessed.

"I have met so many people that have prayed for me and helped our family in so many ways. I have just been so blessed."

The remarkable part in this is that she wants this implant to be able to pay those blessings forward. She wants to better listens as a volunteer for other burn victims.

"When you are talking to them in those situations, you don't want to ask them to repeat, because sometimes they are trying to relay something that's difficult to say. They have turned a tragedy into a triumph and it is just so inspiring, and I've been so inspired by these people, you realize so many of us think that about you? I've had a lot of help."

Makes you appreciate your own blessings, too.  Sharon has invited us to be there when the cochlear implant is turned on. We will continue to share her progress with you.
UC Medical Center Team Helps Burn Victim

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