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Urgent Plea for Blood Donors

Updated: Thursday, November 28 2013, 10:52 AM EST
CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) -- An urgent plea for blood this weekend of giving from Hoxworth blood centers. They had a big surge in blood use the past few days which has completely drained the supply of some blood products needed for patient treatment. Medical reporter Liz Bonis has more in our medical edge.

Larry Eten from Independence chose to donate blood at Hoxworth Blood Centers this week, because he got the call to  be a donor on the bone marrow registry. No matter what's happening outside in the busy world, it's clear the need to give blood and blood products never stops. "This is day two of the collection, and so everything will go tonight, it's exciting and everybody here's been great to work with everybody through the process made it very easy,"

In spite of that, it's a tough time of year to get donors
according to Doctor Ronald Sacher, a blood specialist and the medical director at Hoxworth Blood Centers. "People are all busy shopping and running around and getting gifts but there's the weather related issues, and the roads, and the accidents, that sort of thing."

The blood supply is so low this week, his team has had to put out an urgent plea for blood, especially type O and type A.

This plea comes after just a small number of patients over the weekend had a very high usage, meaning one or two patients could use hundreds of units of blood. In addition to this, they also need a blood product called platelets.

Platelets are needed for treatment that never stops, especially for those with cancer and blood related disorders. They were drained big time in this massive usage weekend. "Severe injury can use up to 100 units of blood, and over this past weekend, we used more than five to six hundred blood components."

So enjoy your family time and dinners this Thanksgiving week but remember why we call it the kick off to the
the season of giving. You get when you give these donors say, "especially this time of year with the holidays, give people hope, for their loved ones i think it's great to do it. it's a good feeling to help others to help other people you really do save lives, directly. It's about as direct as it gets." 

You can call (513) 451-0910 to make an appointment to donate soon. There are a number of drives scheduled for Friday through Monday this holiday weekend.

Urgent Plea for Blood Donors

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