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Parents encourage fighting in Facebook video

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 12:08 PM EDT
HAMILTON, Ohio (Larry Davis) -- Teenage girls beat each other in the middle of a local neighborhood as parents rooted them on. Police are now looking at whether the fight warrants criminal charges.

Another teen recorded the whole thing and posted it on Facebook. This story was first on Local 12 News.

When you watch the cellphone video it was not the girl fight that caught the watcher's attention, it was the adult cheering section.  The cellphone camera video showed two girls squaring off in an open lot off North E Street on Hamilton's west side.

Adults were seen walking toward the action.  The man in the video sounded like he wanted to break up the fight.  But as the girls continued to tangle, the man was heard encouraging one of the girls to continue fighting.

"Rip it out, get on top of her, kick her.  Come on get her!  Kick her, get her!  Tear her head off," he said in the video.
Hamilton police Sgt. Ed Buns found the video and the adult involvement disturbing, "I guess the most disturbing is you've got parents who are promoting and even encouraging what could be considered to be serious physical injury."
Josh Peters lived across the street from where the fight took place and said, "I really don't condone it.  I think parents should handle it in a different way.  I mean there are things to entertain besides resorting to violence."
Near the end of the fight, the man was seen pounding his fist, encouraging the one girl.  Local 12 went to the home of the one girl Monday.  Her stepmother confirmed she was aware of the video but refused to comment and closed the door.  Her husband was not at home.

Police said they were investigating but so far the other girl has not filed a complaint.

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