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Howard Ain, Troubleshooter: Door To Door Sales Alert

Updated: Wednesday, November 27 2013, 04:32 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Howard Ain) -- We've all experienced it, someone comes to your front door trying to sell you something.

But is it a good idea to buy from a door-to-door salesman?

One area woman says she'll never do it again.

Jessica Jones of Butler says her experience with a door-to-door salesman has left her soured on such purchases.

It all began back in February.

"We were home. I got a knock on the door from a gentleman. He was selling 911 reflective signs. That is the green signs you see on a mailbox. That's about that tall and they mount them to the mailbox."

The company, 911 Reflective Signs, was selling them for $20 a-piece and Jones bought one.

It was supposed to have been delivered in March but now, more than four months later, she still doesn't have it.

"Needless to say its still not installed. I've called three different times with promises of them being out to install it and still no sign."

Now Jones does have these numbers on her mailbox, but they're not reflective numbers and so they might not be visible at night.

That's why she says she really wanted these reflected numbers.

"I'm just aggravated. Like I told you if he took 20 dollars from that day with a promise of a sign that I never received how many other people are out there with that same promise that maybe even forgot about it."

Well, the Better Business Bureau gives the company an F rating saying it has received a dozen complaints, mainly from people who also say they never received the reflective signs.

"Wow, wow. Just goes to show don't ever buy anything from a door salesman. I won't purchase anything from my door ever again because of this one incident."

So I called 911 Reflective Signs and owner Dave Marrs told me, "We're taking care of them, we've gotten behind."

He blamed the weather for the delay and promised to get Jones her sign tomorrow.

So what should you do about door-to-door salesmen?

I suggest if you're interested in the product, go ahead and place your order but, just as with girl scout cookies, don't pay them until you get the product.

Howard Ain, Troubleshooter: Door To Door Sales Alert

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