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Howard Ain, Troubleshooter: Warning On Medical Alert Calls

Updated: Wednesday, November 27 2013, 04:32 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Howard Ain) -- Do you ever get unwanted calls around dinner time from companies trying to sell you something?

You've put your phone number is on the do-not-call list, but you get the calls anyway.

That's what a local man says has been happening to him and he can't get them to stop.

Unwanted calls are quite common these days with companies simply ignoring the do-not-call list. That's the case with John Brinkmann of Delhi.

"Typically we have caller ID. I just don't answer calls that we don't recognize the name or know anyone in that city or state or whatever. And then they just kept calling," says Brinkmann.

So they decided to answer the next call to tell them to stop. Who was calling?

"Emergency medical alert system and she said its like the one you see on TV where I've fallen and can't get up," says Brinkmann.

He got this information about the company from the phone calls.

"It's a recording and they tell you its been paid for by a friend or family member whose concerned about you, which I'm not to that point yet at this stage of life so I knew that was incorrect."

At this point Brinkman has received at least 9 phone calls from a recording of John at Emergency Medical Alert. Each time the calls are coming from the same phone number in California.

"What do I do to get these things to stop and also they're trying to get information, they're trying to take money especially from older people who might be fooled or whatever," says Brinkmann.

Legitimate medic alert devices have been lifesavers for a lot of people, but authorities say this is a telephone scam trying to defraud seniors. 

They try to convince you to give them private information, which the thieves will then use to drain your bank account or steal your identity.
So to protect yourself, never give out your personal information to strangers over the phone.

Hang up quickly when you get calls that sound fishy.

Don't rely on caller ID because criminals can change the phone number being displayed.

Report repeated scam calls to Do-Not-Call dot com.Howard Ain, Troubleshooter: Warning On Medical Alert Calls

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