Addiction Trend: Experts warn about dangerous drug trend

Addiction Trend: Experts warn about dangerous drug trend (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A warning Wednesday, February 22, from local addiction specialists about a dangerous trend.

The trend was about an uptick in the use of other drugs besides Heroin because some addicts think they are not as deadly. Officials found that some people, who were kicking heroin or painkillers, may still crave the other drugs without the right treatment.

It was the birth of her baby girl that brought Yasmin in for treatment. She went to "iCan," the Integrated Chemical Addiction Network. A faith based outpatient program that treats the whole person.

Doctor Michael Fletcher is the medical director who said heroin addiction was still a huge problem, but he also see's the use of other drugs the public doesn't hear about as much.

"So cocaine, methamphetamines are not unusual," said Dr. Fletcher.

Tom Synan of the Hamilton County Heroin Addiction Coalition agreed. He said while heroin was perceived as the most dangerous, "It's so immediate, the addiction is immediate and death is immediate. Where some of the other drugs aren't so immediate."

That doesn't mean they weren't just as deadly.

Many times any street drug can be mixed with other substances which may make it no less deadly than heroin.

CLICK HERE for a link to iCan and CLICK HERE for a link to other addiction recovery resources.

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