Angie's Legacy

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - There are plenty of stories about the horrors of addiction, overdoses, crime, and death.

It's discouraging, but Angie's story is just the opposite. It's about hope and a warrior for recovery and her legacy of love.

Angie Edwards said in a video shot in 2012, "My dream was to help women just like me, to come into a program where they were able to be themselves, able to express themselves, and just be loved unconditionally."

The video was about the House of Freedom and Miracles that she founded; a place for women to find recovery from the disease of addiction. Those women described the beginning of their journey at the house. But, something special happens when people come to a place known for freedom and miracles.

Allison Mercer, a House of Freedom and Miracles alumna, said, "She taught us, as a group of women, to empower one another and how to love each other and how to help one another."

Sheila Nared said of Angie, "She told me I was the fruit of my own tree. She used to always tell me that. And I was like, 'Okay.' But, as time went on, I understood that."

A powerful message was instilled in the women.

Tracey Strong spoke of addiction and said, "People don't have to die from this disease. Recovery is possible. And, I don't think we hear enough about the recovery. It's happening right now as we speak because of people like Angie."

Miss Angie, as most people called her, started the House 15 years ago and, for the first 7 years, she did it all by herself. In 2009, she linked up with the Serenity Recovery Network and her message spread even further through the women whose lives she touched.

Ivan Faske, co-founder of the Serenity Recovery Network, said, "They are giving it out to the people they come in touch with who are giving it out to the people they come in touch with and we're talking about hundreds, hundreds of women being affected by Angie's love."

Angie Edwards passed away from cancer. She had been diagnosed just a few weeks earlier. But, her mission is unchanged. The House of Freedom and Miracles is moving to a larger house with more room to help more people who will help more people.

Faske said, "To be able to go from 10 women to 15 women is exactly what Angie was wanting and hoping for."

There will be a celebration of Miss Angie's life Saturday morning, March 11, at Crossroads Church in Oakley. All are welcome. The House of Freedom and Miracles is committed to carrying Angie's mission forward.

CLICK HERE if you would like to make a donation to the cause.

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