Response team on city's west side makes heroin arrest

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Cincinnati police have made two major heroin arrests on the west side.

But it was what police found while executing search warrants that could make a difference. The heroin business operated in the second floor apartment of a building on West Tower Avenue. Demarlo Brumfield's sort-of heroin distribution office, according to court records. Police said he was the supplier and Jamar Sims was the dealer. Both face charges as major drug offenders.

The narcotics unit also confiscated $52,000, four cars worth nearly $74,000, and $5,000 in jewelry. The heroin was pure. When cut it would yield hundreds of hits.

Police know arrests don't stop the addiction. So west side cops will soon be part of a quick response team like Norwood and Colerain Township have. After an overdose, a cop, fireman, and someone from Talbert House will knock on the door of the addict and offer help.

Patti Hogan remembers when GRT's were talked about last summer, after first responders were called to nearly 100 overdoses in one weekend. The search for answers to the heroin epidemic will not be just one thing. But arresting dealers and offering help is a good start.

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