All is well: Kidney transplant for Howard Ain successful

Kidney transplant for Howard Ain successful (WKRC) 

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – There is a big thank you on Monday from two Local 12 colleagues to a surgery team at UC Medical Center.

Local 12’s Troubleshooter Howard Ain and Local 12 Producer Anita Ferrell are resting comfortably after a successful living donor kidney transplant.

At a little after 6 a.m. on Monday morning, living donor Anita Farrell was, as she said: "not very nervous at all.”

Howard Ain, however, was in the next room and he said: “I think I’m a nervous wreck.”

A little after 7 a.m., Anita was wheeled down to the operating room. A quick prayer was said to lift up her surgery team before she headed down the hallway, about to change two lives, in an amazing way.

Anita was taken into room 17, and while her team removed that kidney, the room for Howard was being prepared.

“We actually stagger the operations, so while Anita’s kidney is being prepared to be taken out, we'll be opening Howards abdomen and exposing the blood vessels,” said Dr. Steve Woodle a transplant surgeon.

Once it's sewn in with a living donor, the team says that within the hour they will know how well it's working in Howard’s body.

You have to wonder, does the team cheer if Anita’s kidney begins to work inside Howard’s body?

“[Laughs] There's not actually a cheer but people are happy and excited,” said Dr. Courtney Jones, an anesthesia and critical care professional.

By midafternoon, the word was out: All is well.

Both of the Local 12 colleagues are in recovery on Monday night.

They are not only sharing a kidney, but a common message that they hope all of us will hear.

"Hopefully people will see this story and realize how important this is, and if they can help somebody else, do it, do it, because you could save a life,” said Howard Ain.

Anita is expected to go home in the next few days. She's already on Facebook as of Monday evening if you can believe it.

Howard will likely be in the hospital at least three or four days. As it has been heard, all the news is good.

Local 12 will continue to share updates about their recovery.

If you would like to become a living donor, you can find a link to the National Kidney Foundation here.

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