Art & Sole: Students custom paint shoes as volunteer project

Art & Sole: Students custom paint shoes as volunteer project (WKRC)

HAMILTON, Ohio (WKRC) - When a group of teens saw a need, they pulled their artistic skills together to make a custom designed shoes for people who wanted them.

Stephen T. Badin High School students in an after school club do a service project each year. They work on that project each week. In 2017, they brought their artistic talents to people who would truly appreciate it.

Hand painted and custom made, the brightly colored athletic shoes have fun designs. They're for people who ordered them at the Community Meal Center in Hamilton. High school students use their artistic talents to bring smiles to faces. Linda Noble was ecstatic to pick up her pair.

"The kids are great! They're always great at everything they do. This is a fantastic place. I love them," said Noble.

Some of the shoes have guitars, others have action figures painted on them. The students are part of an after school art club and they put together a project called "Art & Sole." They designed 50 pairs of shoes for people who asked for them.

Claire Smith is one of the artists,, "Whenever they gave us a subject that they liked, we would research and see what images we could fit on the shoes and then we would scale it and we would draw it and then paint it."

Students came up with the idea during their volunteer work at The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton.

Their teacher, Sarah Daniels, said, "They were looking down at peoples' shoes and they were asking people, 'Would you be interested in having some custom painted shoes?' And they also wanted to do something that they were interested in doing and spread their talents and so Art & Sole kind of came to fruition."

The shoes were designed for adults and kids. Wanda Nelson brought her two grandsons to pick up their pairs.

Nelson said, "I like the shoes. They're real nice. They're real nice. I'm glad."

The art students made a gesture of kindness… a team project drawing talent out of them and touching souls.

The students are designing shoes for a children's home in Fairfield for their next project.

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