Bacteria hidden in your bathroom may trigger allergies, asthma

Bacteria hidden in your bathroom may trigger allergies, asthma (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Relief from allergies and asthma may be as easy as considering what you clean and how often.

Paying more attention to some areas that are commonly missed could ease your symptoms.

You likely know your bathroom is a breeding ground for germs, but it might surprise you to know it's not probably the places or items you think that are most likely to have bacteria that could make you sick.

Infection control specialists at the Cleveland Clinic say one of the “germiest” items in the bathroom isn’t the toilet, because you often clean that, it’s your bath mat because you likely don't wash it as often as you should.

It's suggested you wash them every couple of weeks and replace those that are hard to clean every three to six months.

Towels hung on a bar to dry also are at high risk for germs and should be washed every three to four days.

Your shower curtain also can have contamination and should be washed or changed out regularly.

Towels hung on a hook-more often because they remain damp longer and can have hidden mold.

Researchers also say the droplets from your toilet can land on everything from your toothbrush to make up that sits out.

The makeup brushes already have skin bacteria on them and need to be washed often you only add to that bacteria if you leave them out in the bathroom.

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