Break-in at gun shop may be related to gas station robbery

Break-in at gun shop may be related to gas station robbery (Surveillance Video)

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) - The people who shot out the window of a store that sells guns may be to blame for another robbery.

There was a $15,000 reward for information that leads to their arrest. Investigators had a new video of the suspects Monday, March 20.

Surveillance cameras captured two suspects breaking into J.B.'s Okeana Quick Stop. Detectives said they got in by shooting out the front door with a shotgun. When Ed Burton delivered newspapers to the store, he sensed trouble.

Store owner Jon Breyfogle said the suspects took cigarettes and a box of sporting knives, but lost them on the way out of the store. Detectives believe the same guys who broke into the quick stop were the same who, one night later, shot out the front door of Center Mass Defense, a gun store in nearby Ross Township.

Butler County Sheriff's Detective Dan Turner said the suspects spent three to four minutes inside the shop and made off with four handguns and two long guns. Surveillance video showed what was believed to be the suspects vehicle going to and from the gun shop. Authorities feared those armed suspects may be putting more weapons into the wrong hands.

Detectives believe the suspects were local because they seemed to be familiar with both locations.

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