Cincinnati Children's Choir to perform at the Vatican & World Expo

CINCINNATI (Sydney Benter) -- Some young singers from the Tri-State are preparing for the world stage. The Cincinnati Children's Choir has been invited to perform at the Vatican and the World Expo in Milan. This week the choir is hosting its annual Queen City Choir Festival at the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music, but next week they're heading to Italy.The group's touring Bel Canto choir has traveled abroad to perform before, but their performances in July are some of their biggest to date."They love to perform and this is probably the most significant audience that they will have had an opportunity to perform for in their lifetime," says Jim Waddle, Cincinnati Children's Choir operations manager.The 65 middle and high school students and their families are responsible for financing the nine day trip. The singers have also been ramping up their rehearsals ahead of the performances."It's a lot of preparation. We've done a lot. We've sung in churches--we sang at St. Peter in Chains to practice the space. [There's] a lot going into it. I'm really exhausted from it actually, but it's all going to be worth it," says Harris Beckmeyer, a junior at St. Xavier High School.Last year the group went to Beijing and the year before they sang at Carnegie Hall, but for Mason High School senior, Hollyn Lana, the World's Fair takes the cake. Bel Canto is one of two choirs from the U.S. selected to perform at the expo. "We are the only ones there representing our whole entire nation, so that's huge to be the only two there to show what we do here in America to everyone around the world. It's incredible," she says.You can watch the Bel Canto singers perform Sunday, June 28, on Good Morning Cincinnati.

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